Driver Education Class Topics

Each Driver Ed session has 15 topics; there are 15 2-hour classes. The full list of topics covered in each session is listed below.

1. Intro to Driver Ed
2. Signs, Signals and Road Markings
3. Understanding the Vehicle and Its Controls
4. Basic Driving Skills
5. Rules of the Road
6. Making Safe Driving Decisions
7. Sharing the Road
8. How Natural Law Effects Driving
9. Different Driving Environments
10. Driving in All Weather Conditions
11. Mental and Physical Effects on Driving
12. The Dangers of Alcohol, Drugs and Driving
13. Distracted Driving
14. Consequences of Unsafe Driving and Poor Decision Making
15. Handling Emergencies and Breakdowns; Final Review

Below are important notes regarding the classes:
• Missing class # 1 is not an option. In that class, we review all aspects of how the program works and students MUST be present.
The State of Massachusetts requires that students attend ALL class sessions. Students who miss any other class (#2-15) must make up the actual class missed, as each one covers distinct curriculum (i.e. if you miss Class #5, you must make up Class #5). 
Contact Rich Dushanek to find out when the class needed will next be offered. If a student misses 3 or more classes, Community Education will charge a $100 fee.  Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students may have to wait longer than usual to make up a class, as we are limited to the number of classes being offered throughout the year. 
Missing classes can delay the in-car driving lessons.  Classes #2-5 cover the rules of the road and must be completed before a student can take an in-car driving lessons.

Please visit the 
RMV website for updates regarding RMV - COVID19 information.

Visit our list of Frequently Asked Questions  or contact Rich Dushanek, the Driver Education Program Administrator, at  [email protected]  or at 978-264-4700 ext 3982 for assistance.
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