Reservation Instructions

We have prepared a brief set of instructions/walk through and encourage you to read through the entire email before proceeding (see below). You are also welcome to view a video provided by SchoolDude: Online Space Reservation Process Training Video

First a few quick notes:

* Spaces are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, HOWEVER as requests are submitted part of the approval process will include Comm. Ed. staff referring back to previous years' calendars to make sure there is not an annual event that would be using the space requested that has not been put in yet.  If you are asking for a space that we know is needed for an important district activity, we will work with you to find an alternative location/date.

* Any request to use the High School Auditorium must first go to Brendan Hearn to check availability.

* As with any new system, there are sure to be some hiccups.  Please bear with us as we work through any issues.  We think everyone is going to like this system much more than how we've done it previously.  

To reserve space in a school building on a school day after 5 PM (ABRHS and RJ Grey)/6 PM (elementary schools) or on the weekends/vacations/etc, please go to the following link:

(To reserve space on a school day before 5:00/6:00 pm please contact the school front office.)

Note:  This software comes from SchoolDude, the vendor our district also uses for work order processing.  If you have ever submitted a WORK ORDER you have an account and you can use that login.  If not, you will be asked to create one.

For your daytime phone number:

A full phone number plus an extension does not fit.  Staff members who have an extension off of 978-264-4700 should enter just their extension and we'll know that it comes from the main district number.  If you are at an elementary school with its own number, please use your school's main number.  Adding a cell phone is strongly preferred. 


If you've never logged in before you will be asked for an account number, it is


Once you're in, choose the Schedule Request tab.

Choose the type of request you need:

Normal request = each event in same location/room at same time.  You can enter up to 20 dates on a normal schedule.

Recurring Schedule = event that takes place on a regular basis (e.g. every Monday and Wednesday from October through December) in same location/room at the same time.  You can enter up to 100 dates on a recurring schedule.

Irregular Schedule = Event that will take place in different rooms and at different times.  You can enter up to 20 dates on an irregular schedule.

You can only request one LOCATION (School Building) at a time.  If your event is in two or more LOCATIONS, you will need to submit separate requests for each LOCATION. 

Here's a link to a handy calendar view if you would like to check a space before proceeding:


At this time, ABRSD staff are required to fill in ONLY items with red check marks but we appreciate any additional information you wish to provide about your event and may follow up with additional questions as needed.  


If you are a district organization and your Organization does not appear in the drop down list, please email [email protected] and we will add your group.  


If you are a community organization and your group has not yet registered, follow the directions on our website to set up your group.


Note:  We are not using the AREA or BUILDING categories (you will notice no drop down options appear).


Submittal Password:  request   (this is case sensitive)


Questions? Problems? Let me know.

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